The Light Emitting Diode bulb is one of the fastest developing lighting technologies. The first visible spectrum (red) LED was invented in 1962 by 32 year old scientist Nick Holonyak Jnr, whilst working for the General Electric Company. He became the first person to operate a visible semiconductor alloy laser—the device that illuminated the first visible LED.

In 1972, former student of Holonyak M. George Graford, invented the first yellow LED and also improved the brightness of red and red-orange LED's by a factor of ten. In natural progression, this paved the way for pale green and yellow LED's in the 1970's. The invention of blue LED's in the 1990's quickly led on to the discovery of white LED's; where inventors merely had to cover the bulb with phosphor for the light emitted to appear white.

Therefore, in the space of fifty years, the LED has quickly become the primary light source of many industries and in a variety of applications including traffic lights, flashlights and TV's. LED's can be used to economically light domestic properties, commercial spaces and outdoor areas, see the full range of LED's we have available at LED Bulb Centre.