• Megaman Versofit 8W LED Downlights

    Posted by Neil Doherty

    We are pleased to say our new Megaman Versofit range has been a great addition to the LED Bulb Centre and here we look at why!

    Well the first thing about this range is that it offers 3 different lighting solutions:


    A great tilting version 


    An IP65 fixed version for those Zone 1 Bathroom areas



    And a standard fixed version 



    All three versions are fire rated and they also come in either a 2800K Warm White or a 4000K Day/Natural White. To make the choice even more difficult you can have either a White, Chrome or Satin Chrome finish! 

    The 8 watt of power is more than sufficient providing an output of up to 600 Lumens through a 36 degree beam angle. All versions are also dimmable, giving you full flexibility over the lighting scene you wish to create.

    Its a little unfortunate that they are not all the same size as then they could be interchanged as required and a fixed one could be changed to a tilting one to create a different feel to a room. However, at between 88mm to 96mm overall diameter, they are a great size and with a depth of around 110mm, you do need to ensure that you have room within the ceiling void to fit the 100mm or so that will project out.

    All the lamps are tested to L70 at 30,000hrs and with our 3 year warranty, you can be sure of a reliable light source for years to come. Along with approximately 85% running cost savings (against 50W halogen), you are also certain to see your electricity bill reduce too!

    Altogether a great range of products from a reputable and internationally known manufacturer!

    If you require any further information on these products, then please visit us at www.ledbulbcentre.co.uk and look under our Indoor/Downlights menu, or call us on 0800 2922880.

  • **SALE** Litebrite GU10 4.5W Spotlights

    Posted by Neil Doherty

    Well if its good enough for Wickes, its good enough for the LED Bulb Centre and up until the end of December we are selling our Litebrite 4.5W GU10 in Warm White at £1.85 each when purchased in a box of 20. Thats £37 inc VAT for 20 GU10 spotlights!

    To purchase these bulbs just click the link HERE and put 20 of the bulbs in your cart and the discount will be automatically added. 





    A bit about these GU10's! Well they are manufactured with a white porcelain body. They have a great 110 degree beam angle therefore minimising light spots as you get with narrow angle versions, and have a 25,000 hrs life span. 



    As i already have these GU10's in my bedroom, its an easy test as they've been installed for over 12 months without any issues. They were a straight replacement for some 50W halogens and have also proven to be a straight replacement in terms of light colour and brightness. The 110 degree beam angle also ensures that the light in the room is evenly spread and you don't get any area's in shade.

    Overall a good product and at this price they are a giveaway as they retail usually on our website at £5.99!! 

  • V-TAC LED 'Slimline' Floodlights

    Posted by Neil Doherty

    As the evenings have got darker with the changing of the clocks, what better way to kick off our product reviews and tests, then with the new slimline range of LED floodlights from V-TAC.

    Firstly, the new line is available in 20w, 30w, 50w and 100w versions, with all having a choice of either a white or grey body. They all also come in a choice of light colour, with warm white (3000k), day white (4500K) and cool white (6000K) being available.

    When you take the floodlight out of the box the first thing you notice is that they are seriously thin with the 20w measuring just 182x142x36mm and the 100w measuring 353x268x46mm. You also notice that they are heavier then you may imagine, with the aluminium cast body really making them a solid unit. Even so, the 100w still only weighs 3.7kg, so they are hardly heavy in the scheme of things!

    Now, having a new family pet that refuses to go outside without the rear garden floodlight on, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to replace my ageing 120w halogen floodlight, with a 30w version in warm white with a white body. Having had my existing halogen safely removed, the first issue was quickly highlighted! The old halogen had the connection blocks within the fitting, where it attached to the wall, so that the cable coming from the inside switch, comes through the wall, and then connects straight into the floodlight. These new floodlights come with about 300mm of flex already prewired coming out of the rear. Therefore, our options were to start dismantling the new slimline floodlight to wire my existing cable into it, or to introduce an appropriately IP rated connection block that would sit behind the floodlight. As we had one anyway, we went with the latter and a connection block was quickly installed!

    Bingo! Floodlight installed and with anticipation we waited for it to get dark. Not sure why as its a floodlight, but nonetheless, the anticipation was like waiting to go downstairs on Christmas morning! 

    Albeit, maybe somewhat of an anticlimax, the new slimline floodlight didn't disappoint. It looks smart and stylish. The warm white LED's give a nice colour to the back garden that is certainly similar in colour to the halogen it has just replaced, if not a little cooler. Most importantly, the 30w is certainly as bright, if not brighter than the old 120w halogen. Yes, it may be that with a 100 degree beam angle on the new slimline LED floodlights, the spread of light is different, but even so, individual perception is everything, and I can honestly say that I, and one happy puppy, perceive these new slimline LED floodlights by V-TAC to be very good!  


  • LED Product Testing & Reviews!

    Posted by Neil Doherty


    Its all too easy as a retailer to sell products without actually testing them or even seeing them in use!

    Here at the LED Bulb Centre we aim to be different, and through this blog we aim to test and review not only products that we sell, but also new trendsetting products in the LED market that may be of interest to some of our customers.  

    So please keep up to date with our blog and we will offer our first review shortly!